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Jun 04

Trololololo Derp

If you consider yourself an avid Youtube watcher, then you’ve probably run into this video. What you may not know is that the man featured in the video singing the song is Eduard Khil. Eduard Khil just passed away at 77 after having a stroke. He’s done such wondrous recognitions as  Trolololol, hahahaha-oh, hohoho-oh and who could forget yayayayayayayayaya-hohohoh. …

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Jan 17

Awesome movie art.

60s movie posters

So you have your large flatscreen TV, your full surround sound tweaked, your perfect seat on the sofa, your popcorn and favorite beverage. But your walls are looking a little slim. Personally my walls aren’t bare. My wife has her Capiella pictures up. HOWEVER, these movie artwork posters are definitely an eye turning wall decoration. …

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Jan 06

Developer Derp

Lets be honest we have all had our own personal Derp moment no matter how hard we try. Well I just had one. As my current career has me working in a print shop, printers are my specialty. Most of my days are spent running and maintaining a Xerox iGen 3. As far as printers …

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