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Jan 19

SOPA creator did a derp.

So if you haven’t heard about SOPA, then you must be living under a rock. If you have, then this article will make sense. SOPA creator Lamar Smith was caught in his own unlawful act that would go against his own bill that he’s trying to pass. His personal campaign website had a picture that …

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Jan 05

Roku has a few things up their sleeves after all.

So this past year Roku has definitely made a great name for themselves. They’ve quickly become the most popular slim streaming media player in the US. And with a price that keeps it competitive. They’re stepping up the game even more. An MHL stick that can run the Roku software. Now, a lot of people …

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Dec 30

iWatch? Forget that, i’m Watch!

So it’s not often that I rave about watches. Some people say that watches are a dieing technology that are now only reserved for the trendy, and wealthy as a status marker. Geeks tend to lean towards a few categories of watches. Something quality, ECO, or durable. With those categories in mind, I’ll list a …

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