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  1. I derp’d on Google+ — August 12, 2012
  2. Shut up! — August 12, 2012
  3. I’m bringin’ Geeky back! — January 19, 2012
  4. SOPA creator did a derp. — January 19, 2012
  5. Can’t get it up….. — January 17, 2012

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Aug 12

I derp’d on Google+


So this evening when I was browsing around, reading all of the wonder posts on Google+. I hit the notification square to see what someone had commented on. While moving my hand back to the keyboard, I happened to hit one of the arrow keys while in the notification drop down. DERP! Oh how tricky …

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Aug 12

Shut up!

Taken Laughing

(This may contain some small spoilers if you haven’t seen The Avengers) Tonight’s RaleighWood trip started out like any other RaleighWood trip, except we left earlier because it was the first showing of The Avengers for the small yet quaint theatre. My father hadn’t seen the movie yet so I figured it would be a good time …

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Jan 19

I’m bringin’ Geeky back!


So all through the 80′s and 90′s, anyone part of the IT industry was labeled as a nerd or a geek. These terms were once deemed as hurtful and unnecessary. IT professionals often didn’t want to try to explain what they do as people typically would reply with a quick “Oh so you’re a computer …

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Jan 19

SOPA creator did a derp.

So if you haven’t heard about SOPA, then you must be living under a rock. If you have, then this article will make sense. SOPA creator Lamar Smith was caught in his own unlawful act that would go against his own bill that he’s trying to pass. His personal campaign website had a picture that …

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Jan 17

Can’t get it up…..


So I work for a software company that at times has some large scale updates to our software at many different offsite locations. So before we perform any sort of upgrade, we must contact the client to let them know that people must not be using our software until I give them a call and …

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Jan 17

Awesome movie art.

60s movie posters

So you have your large flatscreen TV, your full surround sound tweaked, your perfect seat on the sofa, your popcorn and favorite beverage. But your walls are looking a little slim. Personally my walls aren’t bare. My wife has her Capiella pictures up. HOWEVER, these movie artwork posters are definitely an eye turning wall decoration. …

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Jan 17

11% of the time…. It works everytime!

50/89 USB

It’s sad really. The number of times I have the cable turned around and I try to put it in. Only to be met with an abrupt stop. Then I spin it around, and sometimes I don’t even have it lined up right to put it in the right way. USB! You’re so wonderful, why …

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Jan 16

ISP wireless derp.

Do you have to get a ISP for your laptop if you already have a wireless router _2012-01-16_11-48-21

Think about it. I shouldn’t even have to tackle this one. Maybe I’m just being picky.  

Jan 11

Doggy Style Derp

You know when you’re laying it in hard on some bitch and while you’re trying to get your groove on, her tail keeps getting in the way?… You probably don’t know because you’re not this sick douchebag. Ray Lynn Mitcham Jr. of Linden North Carolina is being charged with “Crimes against Nature” which is a …

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Jan 05

Alvin… Simon… EDWARD?!?!


The fun filled glutinous chipmunk from the fuzzy trio “The Chipmunks” has been replaced with their new friend, What would make a man dare to attempt this? Cocaine and SEX. Mr. Brown was told by a woman that if he sat in the front row of the theatre during the screening in the buff, she would give …

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