Aug 21

Derpina needs a job.

So in today’s economy, when you’re job hunting, you need to make sure you present yourself in the best possible way. So my wife gave her two week notice to the company she

works for and has been tasked with finding a proper replacement when she leaves. I’ve decided to protect the identity of one of the applicants that I’m only going to refer to as “Derpina.” Derpina decided to turn in this wonderful resume for my wife to review. For starters, you can see that Derpina forgot some crucial information for the cover letter. I don’t really think cover letters are really THAT important, however it’s still common practice to turn one in. If you’re filling out your downloaded template cover letter, don’t leave the position your

applying for blank or any section blank for that matter. Otherwise, the template does an excellent job in conveying the message.

With Derpina’s outstanding writing skills “The most recent job”, “Then there was”, “Before that I was working at” she’s got some real talent and should be entered into the fast track to upper management.

Take some notes if you’re looking for a job. /Sarcasm



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