Aug 12

Shut up!

(This may contain some small spoilers if you haven’t seen The Avengers)

Tonight’s RaleighWood trip started out like any other RaleighWood trip, except we left earlier because it was the first showing of The Avengers for the small yet quaint theatre. My father hadn’t seen the movie yet so I figured it would be a good time to take him. We showed up 1 hour before the movie was going to start only to find a decent sized crowd building up in the lobby. And no, it’s not like they were going to see The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel in one of the theatre’s two screens. Eager for my father to see the movie, we got what I consider as the best seats in the house (upper dining area in the center).

I’ll skip ahead a little bit and discontinue boring you with details about the theatre though. So we get to a “slight” joke scene in the movie and while noone else in the theatre even let out the slightest chuckle under their breathe, and while I’ll only name this man as “Jackass” since I have no idea who he really is, let’s out the most annoying laugh I’ve EVER heard. Loud enough that I’m sure everyone in the theatre heard it and some even laughed at his laugh. This continued throughout most of the movie, even during some scenes in the movie where there was no humor… Namely one where Hawkeye pulls an arrow out of his quiver and shoots an alien with it.

So tonight, I am dubbing Movie Theatre Jackass, Jackass Derp of the week.

Since I haven’t posted in a little while, I will accompany this with an image containing humor about the topic.

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