Jun 06

Samsung Galaxy Note, too much?

These days, the general saying has been “Bigger is better.” But is it really? Phones have gone back and forth with Zack Morris Phonetheir sizes for years. I remember watching Saved by the Bell with Zack Morris and his massive Motorola¬†Dynatac 8000X ¬†as seen on the right. I’m hereby labeling the Galaxy Note a “Zack Morris Phone.” It’s 5.5″ of massive SAMOLED resolution, nifty little stylus all packed in a sweet Galaxy S II series styled chassis. But really? When you buy a phone like this, are you really going to use it for it’s general intention. A mini-tablet for you to write notes, scroll through documents with greater ease, or read more information from web pages? Probably not. Facebook doesn’t look any better on it, your photos that you took with it still suck because you don’t know how to compose a good picture. You look like you’re trying to make a call from a tablet. And some people are even starting to complain about how they are getting hand cramps when using the phone for extended periods of time held against their head on a phone call. So for those of you that make a lot of phone calls without a bluetooth headset, you might want to think again for this phone. Here’s a comparison of the

Galaxy Note against some other top contending phones. Rumor has it the Samsung Galaxy Note II is releasing and will be even bigger than the previous model. Well, we don’t always get sneak peaks all that often but since this is such BIG news for a lot of

people, we’ve decided to leak a picture of someone using it. And yes, I know this is not real. That’s why it’s a joke. The man in the picture below is holding a tablet up to his head. But that’s what most people look like with the note against their head anyway.



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