Jan 17

Can’t get it up…..

So I work for a software company that at times has some large scale updates to our software at many different offsite locations. So before we perform any sort of upgrade, we must contact the client to let them know that people must not be using our software until I give them a call and tell them they can hop back on. So I perform the upgrade and give the the contact a call, previously, I had spoken to a woman as the primary contact was not in. So this time, I get the primary contact.

Me: Hello BOB, I just wanted to let you know that I’ve finished your upgrade and everyone can log back in.

Bob: Ok, I’ll test.

Me: Alright, that sounds like a great idea.

*a couple seconds pass*

Bob: I can’t get it up…. up…. up… get it up… dated….

Me: …………..

Bob: I’m sorry… That sounded buh…..buh… bad

Me: That’s ok… how’s the update working for you?

Bob: It’s guh…. guh…. good… I’m gonna go now…

Me: Alright, let us know if you have any issues. Have a good day.

Bob: uh huh bye

Enter lots of laughter and facepalm. I feel for people who stutter. It’s not like they can help it for the most part, but I just couldn’t help myself from his misfortune at that moment in time. Who can blame me.


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